Symptoms Of Alcoholism and Major Signs

It seems like all people that venture into the party scene and either experiment with alcohol or become a regular drinker tend to go down the same path with a variety of different results. Most everyone of age has at least been to a party or two, and many people have lived through their college days and those social events on the weekends with their friends, and co-workers. However, continuing on throughout life, alcohol has different effects on people, and it has everything to do with both your mental state and your body’s physical response as well.

What many people don’t understand is that alcoholism isn’t something you can recognize and discount when you first start drinking. In other words, if alcoholism doesn’t grab you right away, that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to later on in life. As a matter of fact, it usually doesn’t grab at you instantly, but instead takes it cunning course of action as you dive deeper into that black hole, often without ever realizing the danger until it’s too late.

First, take a look at tolerance levels. Some people like to socially drink more than others. No matter which type of alcohol you drink, whether it be beer, wine or liquor, notice how much you are consuming. Even if you don’t become an alcoholic, social binge drinking and too much alcohol in your system can be hazardous to your health anyway. If you notice that you are building tolerance levels to where you are drinking a 12 or more of beer, a bottle of wine, or a 1/5th of vodka each time you drink, then you have built up your tolerance to a point that is very dangerous. These are just examples, and you should also note how often you drink.

Symptoms of alcoholism

A built up tolerance and drinking too often are definitely symptoms of alcoholism. But, there is more to it than that. If you find yourself drinking too much, and then you wake up the next day and feel like crap all day long and do not want to drink, then your body is fighting. In other words, you have not entered the world of alcoholism, yet, but have an alcohol withdrawal symptoms. However, people in this category often find themselves drinking again that night when they feel a little better. This dangerous pattern can wind up mixing with your emotions in a downward spiral that finds you waking up one day to a physical dependence upon alcohol just to cope.

If you drink every day and then find yourself waking up needing a drink just to stop the shakes and to feel normal, then you are an alcoholic. The whole pathway there is self-destructive, but when alcoholism does set in, it is extremely difficult to overcome. For one, people go into a state of denial, and they find reasons to validate themselves continuing to drink alcohol. These are the signs of alcoholism, as well, and high blood pressure is one of them.

Another sign of alcoholism is neglecting your daily responsibilities. Many alcoholics can be called “functioning alcoholics,” which refers to them being able to do their daily business even though they are constantly drinking. However, this does not usually describe a person who has much in life and has accomplished many goals. They merely exist and skating by while allowing alcohol to control their lives. Such people’s need a medical treatment (preferable in alcohol detox or rehab center) to stop control of alcohol on their lives.

Also, if family related problems or legal problems arise with a person who has been drinking alcohol, a mature person that isn’t an alcoholic will often do whatever is possible to remedy that situation to improve their lives. Alcoholics are not able to help themselves and continue down their destructive paths, and legal problems can often mount up. Overall, there are many signs of alcoholism and you should assess your own drinking habits and realize that if you come face to face with alcoholism, it’s up to you to take the first step to recovery. Alcoholism can lead to the problem with health and many serious conditions such as liver disease, dementia, kidney failure, etc. For additional information, please check symptoms of alcoholism at